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Fairnes between a human and a horse is what Invisible Horse Control stands for

  • Get your horse to listen to you because he wants to

    I always try to get my horses to want to listen to me and to believe in me, in every situation. I never ask for exercises that my horse is not capable of, and I never put him in a situation that would be dangerous for him. I focus on being fair and consistent 100% of the time I am near my horse.

  • Make your horse feel good after he did something well

    I always ask my horse to perform only the exercises that he is currently capable of performing or learning. I always try to make sure that he feels good after a correct execution. But, if I am not happy with the execution the exercise, I keep repeating it until I am happy with it.

  • I do not just gain my horses respect, but also his trust

    I really like horses a lot, and I always want the horses that I work with, to like me back. I can achieve that by not gaining just my horses respect, but also his trust. I focus on being 100% consistent and fair every time I am near my horse. This way he can learn what to expect from me and trust me.

  • I dont need to think like a horse, but I need to understand the way horses think

    Horses understand a very simple hierarchy. They respect the ones, that are “above” them, and they ignore the ones who are “bellow” them. In order for you to be able to teach your horse anything, and for your horse to listen to you, you need to have his respect.


"When I was 5 years old, all I wanted was a horse. What I got was a tricycle... After I grew up a bit more and I turned 10 I kept bugging my parents "I want a horse! I want a horse!" But instead I got a bicycle..

Then, finally, when I was 12 years old my world turned around. I joined a pentathlon team and I was able to ride on a horse. It didn't go exactly as I imagined it, but I was finally able to ride on horses.

I loved every minute I spent riding, I was able to ride on more different horses and I had a coach guiding me on the way. I made it to the national Pentathlon team.

But despite everything, I was about to learn a lesson I am never going to forget. One day I went hacking out with a friend. I thought I was a decent rider already, but then it happened. My horse got scared and went into uncontrollable gallop. My heart started racing, I had no control, I wasn't able to stop him and the only thing on my mind was expectation of pain. A few seconds later my horse decided to run under a tree branch where he could fit, but I could not.

That ended up in a very cartoonish moment of me being thrown down to the ground. As I laid there on the ground in pain with a bunch of cracked bones trying to get up, something changed. I decided there can absolutely be no more of this.

From now on I wanted to learn how to get my horses to want to listen to me.  Not because they would be scared of me, not because I will be giving them treats, but because they will respect me as their leader. I wanted my horses to listen reliably under all circumstances. The journey to that was long, I stopped riding English, I started riding western, trying to improve my relationship with horses.

Later I figured out that its not about which type of a saddle you are using. It is about how you treat your horse. That is how philosophy of Invisible Horse Control started getting born."

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Invisible Horse Control Training Process Blueprint

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