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  • Full unlimited access to the Saddle Control training programme, that gives you my reliable training system that shows you how to get to the highest levels and discover a whole new kinds of joy in horse riding step by step

  • You will get all steps of my training system, deeply explained, with each step there will be explanation of why, when and how to it

  • You will understand the system of horse training that I use, you will gain your horses affection, your horse will understand you and you will understand your horse like never before

  • You will be able to control your horse reliably in any situation without him or you getting stressed

  • You will get my complete personal support, in the members area you can ask me any questions about potential issues you want solve with your horse, or just get an advice on how should you proceed with the training.

  • Training programme consists of 4 detailed and very comprehensive videos, accompanied by 4 ebooks packed with actionable content

  • You are covered by 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee

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Your Purchase is Protected by a 30 day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


I bought the Invisible Horse Control a few months back and I also went to a live event with Radek, and I can honestly recommend everything from him. The videos are made very well, and combined with the ebooks its easy to understand and to apply. It helped me and my horse significantly, I can feel a big difference already. Everytime I watch Radek I learn something new.


Hello, I am very happy with this training, it helped me to train my horses better. I was feeling a bit lost in many situations before. I like how I can always just write to Radek and he helps. Thanks.


The Invisible Horse Control means a big epiphany on a way to a better horse riding. It is not about thinking that I am the best rider in the world, it is about constant improvement in theory and in practise. Watch trainings, and leave your ego at home when you clim on your horse. eBooks and videos from Radek Libal are made of absolutely clear steps that show you how to train your horse and how to understand his thinking and behaviours. Starting with the basic interactions from the ground all the way up to the standstill to canter transition. The eBooks are like a cookbook that shows you how to train your horse. I repeatedly get back to them to read them again and again. It all works without unreasonable punishments, and you can ride using as little pressure as possible. Every sentence is thought through and easy to understand. Radek leaves nothing to himself, and he tryies to get everyone to understand. He gives his whole life of experience away. The videos are great companion to eBooks. I have never seen such a complete and effective training programme before. Thank you for Invisible Horse Control and everyone who made it possible. Good Work! I am looking forward to your future projects and videos.


It is really good that you get the eBook before each video, it helps you to understand everything better. But mainly you can avoid some bad mistakes 🙂 I like the way you can get your horse to move his back or front to the sides. If you really follow the training it is quite easy. My horse also already reacts when I want him to lower his head. I follow the advice in the videos very closely, and so far it works. I am very satisfied. 🙂


Hello, to all the people who are not sure about whether they should get the training or not, I want to recomend to definitely get it. I had a dillema about whether I should get it or not as well, and I got it and I definitely dont regret it. After watching the training many things became clear, thanks to this training I saved a lot of time. Its nice and simple, but the most important thing is that it just works for me. My horses behave better and became more reliable. I can honestly recomend the Invisible Horse Control I am fully satisfied with it, it is also great that you watch and read everything as many times as you want, and get back to things you are having issues with. I wish you a nice day from Slovakia.


Invisible Horse Control helped me a lot. I am basicaly a beginer and the horse that I bought didnt really want to cooperate with me. I like Radek`s attitude to horse training and development because its natural, doesnt stress you out and doesnt require you to be too tough. I can see the progress everytime I go riding and I have built up a nice relationship with my horse. But now I also really enjoy working with my horse (its a nice game for me and me horse)


In Invisible Horse Control you will find a very simple to follow guide on how to continue with your training. For me as an owner of my first horse (a young one) the training is indispensible. Everything is explained in nice visual way. You will learn how to continue the training in walk, trot and canter. Every video comes with eBook that prepares you for the upcomming video. It is perfectly executed and I recommend it. The relationship with my horse improved a lot since I got the training, I am very happy that I invested in the training. The best part for me was the part of the training where it shows how to get respect and affection. I really wanted my horse to like me, but I didnt know how to do it. The training gave me a way that is now slowly making my dream come true. I can honestly recomend it.


Invisible Horse Control caught my attention with its simplicity. I thought I was doing things right, and that I was consistent, but the training showed me where I was making the mistakes. I started thinking more while riding and I learned a lot of seeming un-important things that no one else told me but are actually causing quite a significant improvements. Thanks.


The training programme Invisible Horse Control helped me to find the correct way to train my horse. It was great because most of my problems that I had were explained and had nice easy solutions in the programme. I would say that many probably have the same problems as I had and will also find a solution in the programme. Radek shows things from the begining about getting respect and affection, all the way to advanced things in canter. Each of the videos is very nicely made. The big advantage of this training is that if you have a problem you can always the autor of the training for an advice, to discover where are you making the mistake. I honestly recomend entering this training.


i will gladly share my experiences because this training helped me greatly. My relationship with the gelding that i work with even though we can still improve, got much better since i got the training =) But i guess thats normal. After 4 months of following the training the posture of my horse improved, he now caryies his head better, and is much more relaxed in walk and trot. He pays more attention to me and is more flexible. I didnt manage to try everything there is in the training yet, but I also went to a live training with Radek where we improved. I had a problem climbing on my horse, and after advice from radek I am able to climb on my horse in just a few seconds instead of ten minutes which is how long it took me before. I dont need as much force to stop my horse, and backing became much easier as well. While before i was really happy to do 3 circles in canter before, now i can do half pass and side pass already. I also work with other horses following this training programme and I can see quick improvements with every horse I ride on. You need to be patient, its not going to happen instantly, but you will progress quicker. In my opinion both people who ride western and people who ride dressage should get this training. It is really for every kind of a rider.


I didnt get to apply much of the training yet because I bought it in winter, when the weather was too bad. And then I was sick for some time, so I really started working with my horse just a few days back. So far we are just doing stuff from the ground. But we are trying a new things as well because my horse likes it. What I like about the training so far is that I realized that I was confusing my horse by sometimes allowing her to misbehave, and sometimes wanting her to listen. When I didnt feel like I just didnt correct her and I wasnt consistent. Now I am working on fixing it, I am glad I started fixing it already because if i waited it would get very difficult to fix. But now my horse is starting to understand how it should work and she listens to me well most of the time. I realized that I need to get more respect, because without it i just cant move forward. i think that when I get enough respect it is going to become much easier. it might take some time, but I am happy that i can have a complete guide for the training. I can see work in walk, trot, canter, how to stop and so on. That is really valuable because my next issue that I need to solve is stopping. I already to talked to many other people around horses for advice, but the training is the best because i can see everything very visualy and it is nicely explained. There is a lot of advice for the beginers on what to in the begining as well. I am definitely glad that i bought the training. Because I didnt have much time to apply I am not sure whether I will be able to do everything, but it will definitely help a lot. I know what I need to be doing and how to do it. I just need more time for my horse now.


Radek, your videos and ebooks helped me heaps. I never realized how important it is to go by all the principles while cleaning a horse, and just dealing with him from the ground. I definitely get more respect from my mare. I know how what I should be doing while I am in the saddle, and I am not just riding around mindlessly anymore. I like to get advice from people who know what they are doing, I am looking forward to your next training.


Secure your spot for just: 156$

Your Purchase is Protected by a 30 day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee