The 4 Most Essential Horse Training Videos

Feel great improvement and see your horses bad habits fading away after watching each one of these training videos.

  • The One Mistake

Most of the riders make this one mistake, that makes it impossible for their horse to respect them. Fix it and everything improves.

  • Stop without reins

Step by step process to learn to stop your horse reliably without reins, even if its difficult to stop him by pulling reins at the moment.

  • Canter Leads

Complete process of learning the stand still to canter transition. I will also show my little trick that always gets my horse into the canter lead I ask for.

  • Riding Bareback

Last video in the series will show you the basics of controlling your horse while riding bareback without reins. You will learn what it takes to get there.

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Wait! You just got 4 training videos free of charge!

  • 1. How to gain your horses respect?

  • 2. How to reliably enter the canter lead that you want?

  • 3. How to stop without pulling your reins?

  • 4. The complete horse training plan

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