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Here is how to measure your horse:

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I would like to welcome you to our community and thank you for investing in the training halter and my training systems! You are now ready to take your horse riding to the next level. I want you to have the best possible experience, in case you have any issues, please write me an email on I am always ready to help.

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There are two things to do now. First I recommend you to join our private Facebook group. It is a great place to get help from other skilled members, find other riders from community who live nearby or offer your help. Also you are going to find exclusive training videos that only get posted in our private group. Join the group by clicking the button bellow and requesting access to the group.

After you join the group click the second button, you are going to be taken to the homepage of the members area. I recommend you to watch the introductory video that shows you around and how things work. After you watch it you can use the menu on the top or the thumbnails on the bottom to access your training. Enjoy!

Step 1.

Join our private Facebook group, meet others and get access to exclusive training videos posted only in the group!

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