Video reveals "Is your halter secretly destroying your relationship with your horse?"
Learn what your halter must have to enable your horse to improve.

Here is what other riders are saying about the halter:

It all started with a hoof
flying toward my head

From Radek Libal - Trainer and author of Invisible Horse Control:

It was one of the moments when things slow down. Princess' hoof was flying towards my head. I moved to the side and strongly pulled on the lead rope so she couldn't try that again.

She missed.

I wasn’t used to anything like that. I was pretty shaken up despite the fact I have been helping people with horses that do not have good ground manners quite a bit recently.

It made me think. I did not want for something like this to happen to anyone else.

The more horses I worked with, the clearer it became. The problem is obviously in the way those horses were treated and trained. However, there was also one other element. Those halters...

It is not a coincidence that most of the riders with horses with bad ground manners were using padded or web halters.

I do not want to see any more issues caused by something so "little" as a halter.

That was when I decided to make halters that will actually help riders have a great relationship with their horse. I got stuck always thinking about making the best halter in the world.

A halter that can help riders of all levels avoid mistakes that would take years to fix...

A halter the most experienced riders would swear by...

A halter that would open the eyes of the beginners so they understand what a huge difference a halter can actually make...

A halter that will not only work great, but that will also make you feel special when you first unpack it, and then every time you put it on your horse...

A halter that will allow you to communicate with your horse easily and make the "yes" and "no" easy to understand...

A halter that will save horse owners from having to call people like me to help them...

  • Great for any rider in any discipline, English or Western, to safely develop a partnership from the ground
  • Relax your horse and solve problems. Help stop your horse from being nervous, disrespectful and spooking
  • Greatly improve your ability to communicate with your horse. Help your horse learn new exercises faster than ever before
  • Tailor made fit ensures that the halter stays in the correct position and doesn't hit your horses eye, irritate him or her or become uncomfortable
  • Great if you want to try riding bitless or improve bitless riding. Eliminate problems caused by the bit.

Happy riding!

It doesn't matter if you ride Western or English,
here is why this is the ultimate training halter:

Tailor Made To Fit

You probably hired a saddle fitter to make sure your saddle fits as it should. I believe that a halter should fit properly and be tailor made as well. You and your horse are going to appreciate the perfect fit while doing ground work with your horse, lunging or even riding bitless!

Custom Leather Name Tag

Your horse will have his or her name beautifully engraved in a leather tag. (We can also write something else for security purposes on it such as a phone number). We extensively tested the name tag to make sure it does not irritate your horse.

Improve Gait And Self-Carriage

Make all the communication with your horse from the ground much clearer. Improve faster and make sure your horse always really understands what you want. Avoid damaging your relationship with your horse.

Ready For Bitless Riding!

Reins attach on the side, use of the best materials and a perfect tailor made fit make this halter the perfect way to ride bitless. It doesn't matter if you are experienced riding bitless, or if you want to try it for the first time.

I want a custom halter!

Here is what a certified equine
bodyworker has to say:

"Some people think rope halters are harsh but the opposite is actually the case.

In my practice as an equine bodyworker, I often see horses with very painful muscle spasms, tightness, soreness in the neck, shoulders, back and jaw.

These horses can not bend or move their neck and body properly.

One of the causes of this pain is poor communication between the horse and rider when doing groundwork and lunging.

Most often, the poor communication is caused by either an ill-fitting halter, such as a rope halter that is too big and swivels and hits the horse in the eye, or use of a padded or web halter that makes communication very difficult so the horse does not hear "Yes, good job" or "No, that is not quite correct."

The horse ends of pulling back against the halter or lunging with their head up on the air which causes the muscles in the neck, back and shoulders and jaw to spasm and become very tight. Just like in a game of dominos, the muscle tightness in turn causes painful movement restrictions of the vertebrae in the neck and back."

Ilene Nessenson, J.D., CEBW
(certified equine bodyworker)

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with custom leather name tag

+ Tailor made to fit your horse perfectly
+ Comes with a beautiful leather name tag
+ We ship anywhere in the world for only $9

Get one for: $34

+ $9 Worldwide shipping

You are going to receive instructions to measure your horse after the payment.

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  • Tailor Made To Fit

    You probably hired a saddle fitter to make sure that your saddle fits and I believe that a halter should fit properly as well. You are going to appreciate the perfect fit while riding bitless or working your horse from the ground.

  • Ready For Bitless Riding!

    Reins attach on the side, use of the best materials and a perfect tailor made fit make this halter the perfect way to ride bitless. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced, or if you want to try riding bitless for the first time.

  • Custom Leather Name Tag

    Your horse will have his name beatifully engraved in a leather tag. We have also put a lot of effort into making sure the name tag does not irritate your horse in any way.