Here is what you get when you join the training!

Get every step of the whole training process

Get the complete training process, from the begging to an end in just one training system. No need to buy all the training levels separately. Trail Control covers all the rider experience levels. You get all the exercises you need to learn, and all the steps to learn them.

Get help from me personaly if you need something

Get help from me personally anytime you need it. As a part of the training you are getting access to what I call an online horse riding coach, which means that you can ask me any questions in the members area and I will personally answer all of them.

Solve any issue you might have on the trail

Solve any issue and improve your horses willingness to listen to you on the trail. You get an eBook, my personal support and 22 videos that show you how. You will get step by step process to solve any issue and make sure it doesn't come back

Meet and socialize with other members

Become a member of our community, share your improvements with others, get help, offer your help, and find other members in your local area. You are also going to be receiving extra exclusive training videos based on what you are having issues with.

Get Trail Control for just:



if you need help just send us an email at or use our Facebook page.

Customers from EU please note that local VAT will be added to the price

Trail Control

You get lifetime access to Trail Control for a single payment.

Trail Control will show you every step that I take, from the point when I just start riding on my new young horse, all the way to having a horse that listens to you as well as if he was able to read your thoughts.

This training gives you all the basics that ensure that your progress is quick and your horse stays healthy. After you get the basics down, the training shows you all 22 exercises that I use while preparing my horses for riding on the trail or fixing any issues I might be having with them over there.

You will move all the way from the simplest exercises to overcoming difficult obstacles that you might encounter on the trail.

  • Your horse will listen to you reliably, even after he gets scared, or when you are riding in the group and he is likely to get distracted by the other horses.
  • Your horse will no longer get scared as much, he will pay much more attention to you and react quicker when you ask him to do something.
  • He is going to be keeping a steady pace even in canter and he is always going to be easy to stop.
  • You will always be able to turn, and get your horse to go through places that he was previously scared of.

Trail Control gives you 22 training videos together with an eBook.

You are also going to receive my personal support, so if you need anything you can just ask, and I will always be happy to give you advice.

You are also receiving access to our private members only facebook group, where you can share your progress with others, get help, or offer your help. You can also watch exclusive training videos that get posted regularly based on the requests of the members.

Here is why it works so incredibly well

You need three things if you want to take your horse riding to the next level

When you have all three you can completely transform the way you ride in just a few short months

Remember I am no different than you, I just have a system

Hi Radek,

to give you feedback, I absolutely love your program!!! Your videos and instructions are superb! I watch them over and over. I especially love the blueprint. With it I can find the holes in my horses training and work on getting better step by step. I have a dressage trainer come help me, but it's only once a month, and with one horse.  With your program, I feel like I have my own trainer for my two horses anytime and most importantly now I have a plan!!!

Someday, I will do half passes like you, and send you a video 😄!!!!! Thank you for your help and your program, in advance.. It will be a dream come true for me to do that!

- Julie

I started with the free online videos, and I realized that I was learning a whole heap of new skills. My horses were responding really, really well as well so I decided to go ahead and purchase the next stage.

I am so incredibly happy that I did. I feel like I have definitely progressed.

- Claire

When I look for a training video that I would be interested in purchasing, I want to see that it is easy to follow, that it offers good demonstration of leadership and also is respectful to the horse and all of these qualities I did find in the Invisible Horse Control.

Also Radek is very attentive and answers my questions pretty quickly. I hope you give them a try.

- Marilyn

Get Trail Control for just:



if you need help just send us an email at or use our Facebook page.

Customers from EU please note that local VAT will be added to the price


  • Q.Is there a limit to how many times I can watch the videos?

    A.All the videos are there for you at all times, you can watch them as many times as you want and are going to have lifetime access to them.

  • Q.Can I use my tablet or a smartphone to buy and watch the training?

    A.Of course! In fact a lot of our customers already use their mobile devices to buy and access the training. Our website utilizes some of the most advanced techniques to protect your information and personal data including technical, administrative and even physical safeguards against unauthorized access, misuse and improper disclosure. Your transaction is as safe from computer as it is from your mobile device.

  • Q.How quickly can I watch the training after making the payment what if there is a problem?

    A.An email with your special registration link that gives you access to the members area arrives within a few minutes after making the payment. You can be watching the training in around 5- 10 minutes after you make a payment. Please note that the email giving you access will arrive on the email address entered during payment. if you encounter any issues just write us an email at and we will solve any issues you might have. There is no way for you pay and be locked out from accessing the training, if there are any issues we solve them for you usually in under 24 hours.

  • Q.Is the training going to work on my horse?

    A.Every horse is different. However the general rules are the same. The training shows you how to work with horses with all sorts of tempers. Through my life I have been working with a lot of different horses. Riding English for over 15 years and Western even much longer than that. I enjoy riding both Western and English and I enjoy riding on all sorts of horses. I made the training so it reflects that and allows you to get great results with any kind of horse. If you encounter something the training doesn’t cover, you of course get help straight from me or from other experienced members.

  • How does the members area work?

    You get unlimited access to the Invisible Horse Control members area, from there you can watch all your videos, ask me questions in Online Horse Riding Coach section, and download your eBooks. You can access member area from smartphones, laptops and tablets anywhere and anytime you want.

Want a copy of the training on a DVD?

Get Trail Control online access + DVDs:



if you need help just send us an email at or use our Facebook page.

Customers from EU please note that local VAT will be added to the price

Try It Out Now, You Will Love It!

If you are not 100% satisfied you can get all your money back quickly and effordlesly within the first 30 days from your purchase.

Simply write us a message in the members area on our Facebook page, or an email on and we will promptly refund your purchase, no hustle, no hard feelings.