Start your horse the right way, make it an unforgetable bonding experience!

This is bucket list stuff!

Make it easy by following all the steps of the process:

1. Conquer the basics from the ground

Step 1

The key to making starting your a smooth experience is preparation and some fun and bonding from the ground. You will see what you and your horse need to be capable of before you move forward.

2. Speed control from the ground

Step 1

Discover tricks of the best trainers to getting your horse to stop reliably, keep a steady pace and to effordlesly transition between gaits. Once you get good enough from the ground it will be that much easier from the saddle.

3. Understanding the pressure from the bit

Step 1

Here you will learn a few simple exercises that make the comunication between you and your horse much easier in the future. It is here where you will start to really "talk". Your horse will start understanding more complex requests.

4. Understanding riding aids before you ever mount in the saddle

Step 4

Ever seen a horse that is getting started, everything goes smooth until the rider asks the horse to slow down?  This exercise will make sure that when you ask your horse to slow down he is going to slow down, instead of freaking out and speeding up.

5. Saddle up!

Step 5

This is the most exciting part of it all. The saddle goes on for the first time. What is going to happen? Is my horse going to freak out almost running me over or is it going to be a pleasant bonding experience? Well, if you follow what I am going to show you it is pretty likely it will be one of the most magical moment of your life, as well as your horses life.

6. Tighten up the cinch!

Step 6

Simple enough, yet not really. Tightening up the cinch can scare your horse and create issues that you will have to be solving. My process is here to make sure that it goes smoothly. The cinch gets tightened and your horse stays calm.

7. Get your horse used to the saddle

Step 7

Saddle is on, lets go! Having something attached to your back for the first time can get your horse scared. If you have followed every step so far, that is not going to be a problem for you. Even if your horse gets scared a little bit, he will be respecting you and just calm down in a matter of a few minutes.

8. Make sure your horse will be calm once you try to mount

Step 8

There are many things that can get your horse scared once you mount for the first time. Some of them are weird and definintely not something you would expect. The process shows you all of them.

9. Put your weight into it

Step 9

Wohoo, it is getting exciting. You are nearly there, in the saddle for the first time. Now it is time to make sure that your horse doesnt shake you down and immediately develops a bad habit There are a few little things that you can do that will make you safer and give you much more confidence and control during this stage.

10. It's time to stand up

Step 10

You are with your body over your horses back for the first time. Everything is calm. You didn't expect that? Well, I told you this process makes starting a horse smooth and "magical"

11. Mounting!

Step 11

Officially sitting down in the saddle. I still remember the first horse I have started. The moment when I sat down in the saddle for the first time. It is not something you will forget. Makes me smile thinking about it now decades later.

12. From baby steps to confidently riding on the trail

Step 12

You have done it, you are in the saddle! Congratulations your journey can start. There is a lot to learn and my training covers it all. Once you are done your horse will be a reliable companion to you everywhere you take him.

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