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Ride with more confidence, grace and fluidity

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Understanding horse psychology will help you gain confidence as you and your horse learn new skills together. Ultimately your confidence on your horse is a reflection of your leadership on the ground and in the saddle. The exercises you will learn can do miracles for your confidence, and you will have more fun in the saddle.

Protect your horse's muscle health

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We teach you the fundamentals of muscle health and stretching in plain English to help your horse move pain-free and to the best of their ability!

Gain greater control and see your horse happier around you

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It is not just about looking good. As a direct result of improved fluidity, your horse will become more relaxed, less tense and more focused. They will enjoy their time with you in the saddle a lot more, become easier to ride and more reliable.

Improve Gait And Self-Carriage

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The way your horse carries themself says a lot about their health and you as a rider. A horse that carries their body in a correct position doesn't just look better but is also more comfortable to ride. You will discover how to get your horse to maintain a steady pace and improve their self carriage and flexibility.

Make riding much more comfortable and learn new skills

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If you have ridden on a horse with a stiff back vs a supple horse, you know exactly what I am talking about. A stiff horse in trot can make you feel like you are riding a jackhammer. What most people do not realize is that you can change this. You can make your horse much more comfortable and supple by investing 15 minutes each riding and stretching session.

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Full unlimited 24/7 access to all 39 Whole Horse Coach videos

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