Whole Horse Coach

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One Of A Kind Integrated Training System. Guaranteed Results!

There is no training system in the world like Whole Horse Coach!

Step 1:  We teach you the fundamentals of muscle health and horse stretching in plain English to help your horse move pain-free and to the best of their ability.  This sets you both up for success!

Step 2:  We teach you how to think like a horse!  Psst.....Here is the secret formula!

Leadership = trust + respect!

Learn specific exercises and techniques on the ground and in the saddle so you understand horse behavior.  Ensure your horse sees you as the leader, trusts and respects you.

Step 3:  Riding Technique

Regardless of your riding discipline or ability, we can teach you to become a more confident, relaxed, and graceful rider.  We offer foundational, intermediate and advanced online video riding lessons and horse riding tips paired with specific horse muscle stretches to help enable your horse to perform all the riding techniques you're learning!

We're so sure you and your horse will have great success with Whole Horse Coach training, we offer a 100% satisfaction 60 day money back guarantee!

How to Ride With More Confidence & Fluidity in 30 Days

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Why Did We Create Whole Horse Coach?

We created Whole Horse Coach because we want riders all over the world to:

  • Gain confidence;
  • Improve their riding skills and fluidity;
  • Deepen their horse partnership and leadership skills, and understand horse behavior;
  • Improve their horse's muscle health, prevent injuries and down time;
  • Enable their horse to do their very best; and
  • Have more fun!
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Whole Horse Coach.... Philosophy and Lesson Details

Are your horse's muscles in optimal heath, supple and flexible?  Does your horse sometimes feel stiff, tight, tense or simply need more flexibility and relaxation?

Do you want to deepen your understanding of horse psychology so you can really be at one with your horse and learn faster?  Does it feel like sometimes you and your horse don't fully understand each other?

Do you want to learn step by step proper and safe riding techniques from foundational to intermediate to advanced AND horse stretches paired with each riding technique specifically designed to help you and your horse master the technique?

Do you want to ride with more confidence, grace and fluidity?  Do you want your horse to be comfortable and pain-free?

Do you want to have more fun with your horse?

If you answered YES to these questions, then our completely unique 39 video tutorial training system is for you!  Our philosophy is very simple:  Every rider should train the whole horse which means training the mind, the body/muscles, and the riding and groundwork techniques.

The Whole Horse Coach training system is divided into 3 steps.

  • Step 1:  Muscle Health and Stretching
  • Step 2:  Horse Psychology
  • Step 3:  Riding Techniques

Each step has video tutorials that teach you and your horse various stretches, groundwork and riding techniques.  The stretches are specifically paired to the groundwork and riding techniques you're learning to enable your horse to do their very best!

The riding technique video tutorials are divided into foundational, intermediate and advanced.  You will always know what to do next!  Plus you get FREE email support and a Facebook community of like-minded riders!

Muscle Health and Stretching

Follow our easy step by step instructions to determine your horse's daily intake of selenium and vitamin E, the key building blocks to enable your horse to properly use their muscles and move their body fluidly and pain-free! Learn foundational horse stretches.

Once you have done this, then start stretching your horse!

There 3 video tutorials:

  • Intro To Horse Stretching
  • Farrier Low and High Stretch
  • Forward Farrier Low and High Stretch

Step 2: Horse Psychology

There are a total of 9 video tutorials in Step 2.

4 videos teach you to understand how horses think with very specific horse groundwork exercises and techniques for you and your horse to learn together.  These include:

  • Gaining Your Horse's Trust And Respect
  • Getting Your Horse To Relax
  • Relaxation And Maintaining A Steady Pace
  • Bending On A Circle With Correct Body Position

There are also 5 horse stretching videos for you and your horse to learn to help enable you and your horse to be successful when doing horse psychology groundwork.  These include:

  • Successful Treat Stretching Tips And Tricks
  • Head And Neck Side Curve Stretch
  • Neck Hug Stretch
  • Hips And Pelvic Rock And Hold Stretch
  • Shoulder And Bent Front Leg Stretch

Step #3: Riding Technique

There are a total of 27 online horseback riding video tutorial lessons in Step 3.

The riding technique video tutorials are divided into foundation, intermediate and advanced levels. Each level has specifically paired horse stretching video tutorials to enable you and your horse to be successful!

Foundation Riding Technique and Stretching Video Tutorials

  • Asking Your Horse To Lower Their Head
  • Getting Your Horse To Relax From The Saddle
  • How To Get Your Horse To React Under Lower Pressure
  • Bending On A Circle At The Walk
  • Body Transition Position At The Walk (Figure 8s)
  • Exercising Back Muscles At The Walk Using Lateral Work
  • Bending On A Circle At The Trot
  • Body Transitions At The Trot (Figure 8s)
  • Belly Lift Back Stretch
  • Head On Diagonal Behind Knee Without And With Twist Stretch
  • Inner Bent Front Leg And Armpit Stretch

Intermediate Riding Technique and Stretching Video Tutorials

  • How To Adjust Head And Neck Position At The Walk
  • How To Adjust Head And Neck Position At The Trot
  • How To Adjust Head And Neck Position At The Canter
  • How To Relax (Lower) Head And Neck In The Walk
  • Exercising Back Muscles At The Trot
  • How To Relax Head And Neck At The Trot
  • Chin to Chest Stretch
  • Tail Pull And Tail Circles
  • Straight Front Leg Low And High Stretch
  • Belly Lift Back Stretch (keep working on this one!)

Expert/Advanced Riding Technique and Stretching Video Tutorials

  • Relaxing The Hind End & Improving Control-Part 1
  • How to Relax Head And Neck In Canter
  • Relaxing Hind End-Part 2 Advanced
  • Advanced Body Control At Walk: Shoulder In
  • Advanced Body Control At Trot: Shoulder In
  • Forward Farrier Advanced Variations Stretch
  • Bent Front Leg Variations
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Here's what riders just like you are saying....

Horse Feels So Much Better! I'm a skeptic. So many BS horse products out there that are a waste of time and money. Not this!! I'm truly amazed at how much better just 5 minutes a day of stretching has made all of our horses! Videos are very well done and easy to follow. I also watched the free webinar on the home page. WATCH IT!! Well worth the time! Game changer!!


So Much More Confidence!
With the huge rains we have had, I took this opportunity to walk my OTTB through a running creek since it is too wet to ride. Thought I would see how she reacts to a running creek.
I walked through it just knowing she would follow me, and she did, walked right through, back and forth. She didn't even hesitate! Thank you Radek Libal! I have so much more confidence now. Maybe I will get brave enough to ride on the trail one day.


Videos are superbly done! Easy to follow. My horse is a new horse! Totally agree with other reviews. Get these videos and also watch the free webinar on the home page. I learned a ton, and it changed my horse's life and our partnership. Not trying to sound dramatic, but it really did. Thank you!


I'm In Awe! Miracles!
I wanted to share this with all of vou. It is a bv product of the work that Radek is helping me do with my horse that " had" kissing spine.
I am so excited I had to share. I started working Taika with Straightness Training (Thank you Marion) and working with the invisible Horse Training through Radek a few weeks ago. I love the amazing change from the single draw rein and all the suppleness work. I didn't know how to see the progress and then tonight, I saw it crystal clear.
When I started, Taika would eat with her front feet one forward, one back about 5 or six feet apart and her hind legs looked like pogo sticks straight under her.
Now, after about 6 weeks of work, her hind end is so strong, she has both hind feet tucked under, her back is nicely rounded upward, and her front legs are almost even and she is completely comfortable. I am in awe of the amazing miracles at work in our lives.


Successful Outcomes!! Wonderful Approach!
Sharing successful outcome of applying all the principles of Radek's training. My sixth ride, first outing at a Hack show. My Waler has only just been broken in, and I have owned him for only four weeks. I started the ground control and continued this for three weeks before I rode him.
Wonderful approach to handling a very young horse. He has responded to everything including standing still while grooming, and he was very quick to learn manners around food by just me asking him to wait and increasing the time before I let him eat. Thank you Radek. You need to come to Australia and run some clinics in tropical North Queensland.


Very Useful Techniques
I really appreciate how specific and detailed your answers are, like indicating how many repetitions or about how long you would do something, and also saying that it might take longer than this. It is a very useful guide, and very encouraging. I have found lots of your techniques very helpful. Thank you.


Big Change! Less Spooky
My horse feels so much better. Less spooky too! Great product. Very reasonable price.


Love these videos. Helped me and my horse so much!!


Get These Videos. They Really Help!
I'm a big skeptic when it comes to horse things as there are so many things out there that claim to help horses but do not. This REALLY does help a ton!! My horse feels like a new horse. Seriously!! OMG.... Excellent videos. Easy to follow. Great price too!


About Ilene

Ilene Nessenson, J.D., CEBW (certified equine body worker), is the owner of Holistic Horse Bodyworks and Stretch Your Horse. She received her initial equine massage therapy, muscoloskeletal bodywork and saddle fitting training and certification from the world renowned Equinology School. Ilene was very fortunate to receive her saddle fitting training at Equinology from Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM, an internationally known and highly respected equine integrative medicine veterinarian and saddle fitting expert.  She received her saddle reflocking and tack repair training from the Owner/Master Saddler at the Cumbria School of Saddlery in England.  After receiving her training at Cumbria School of Saddlery, Ilene also mentored with Hans Biglajzer, a world-class master saddler located in Bend, Oregon.

In addition to doing vet ride-alongs, attending numerous webinars and seminars, and constantly reading horse related studies and journals, and Ilene has also attended the following training classes:

  •  Equine exercise physiology from Dr. David Marlin, a globally recognized expert in equine exercise and cardiovascular physiology and chemistry;
  •  Equine Massage certification from Eqinology
  •  Equine anatomy and dissection from Dr. Deb Bennett;
  •  Equi-Tape equine athletic and therapeutic kinesiology taping from Dr. Beverly Gordon and Dr. Kara Spillman;
  •  Thermal Imaging from Lisa Baker, Certified Thermal Imaging Technician III;
  •  Chinese Medicine and acupressure from Tallgrass Institute
  •  Cumbria Saddlery Reflocking and Tack Repair
  •  Mentored with Hans Biglajer for saddle reflocking
  •  Myofascial Release, John Barnes method
  •  Craniosacral, Upledger method
  • Muscoskeletal Balancing

Since childhood, Ilene has had a love and passion for animals, especially dogs and horses. While her initial career path led her into the successful practice of law and then the multi-national corporate world, Ilene’s heart was still with animals.

Ilene was the equine massage therapist, body worker and saddle fitter/reflocker for the Portland Mounted Patrol until the unit closed due to budget cuts.  She also works on privately owned horses of all breeds and disciplines. Her clients range from competitive show horses in multiple disciplines to individuals who simply enjoy a pleasurable trail ride or ride in the ring, as well as those who are caring for their geriatric equine companion.  She also works with equine rescue organizations.

Ilene provides a unique, integrated healing experience for the horse and rider via a combination of various equine body work modalities, saddle fitting, saddle reflocking, elastic kinesiolosogy taping, thermal imaging and yoga for the horse and rider.  To maximize the treatment benefits, Ilene teaches the rider various equine stretches and basic massage moves they can do on their own. Ilene also builds a partnership with each horse and rider as well as other professionals providing care to the horse.

Ilene owns a thoroughbred named Rex and rides hunter/jumper, trails, obstacles, Western pleasure and has even taken Rex cow sorting! Rex and Ilene also do liberty work and long lining. Ilene also incorporates some basic dressage into her riding routine.  Rex loves the variety, and it also helps to occupy his very smart and busy brain and keep his body flexible and strong.

About Radek

When Radek was five years old, all he wanted was a horse. Instead, he got a tricycle. As he grew older, Radek continued to pester his parents for a horse, but he was given a bicycle instead when he turned ten.

Finally, at the age of twelve, Radek's wish was granted when he joined a pentathlon team and was given the opportunity to ride a horse. Despite the experience not being what he had imagined, Radek fell in love with riding and had the chance to ride on different horses with the help of excellent coaches. This led him to join the national team in Pentathlon.

However, despite his experience, Radek felt uncertain in the saddle. Once, during a hack, his horse bolted and threw him off, resulting in several broken bones. It was then that Radek realized that he wanted his horses to trust him completely and to be reliable in any circumstance. This realization prompted him to change his approach to horse riding and to start developing a new philosophy of horse training.

Radek stopped riding English and began riding western to improve his relationship with horses. He went on to participate in numerous national and international level competitions, winning many of them in both English riding and western disciplines. He realized it was not the type of saddle that mattered, but how he treated and communicated with his horse.

This is how the philosophy of Invisible Horse Control was born. Radek has since created a unique training system that has been embraced by over 100,000 riders worldwide.